TIRESIZER®. The unique design of the TIRESIZER® has implemented a built-in Stagger Gauge that INSTANTLY MEASURES STAGGER. It does the math for you. The TIRESIZER® is 1/2" wide x 10' long with fractions and is made in inches and metric scale to accommodate all forms of racing worldwide. Whether you race go-karts, all forms of sprint cars, late models, modifieds, trucks, NASCAR, Indy cars, Formula type cars or any type of sports car; the TIRESIZER® is a racers must have tool. Whether you race on dirt or asphalt, ovals or road courses the TIRESIZER® is the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to measure stagger. Watch the video for a demonstration and see just how easy and accurate the TIRESIZER® really is.

The TIRESIZER® is a one of a kind tool designed to measure stagger on all size racing tires. The custom design of the tape provides the racer a specially designed tip to use on treaded and slick racing tires. Also the tape begins six inches into the tape for increased ease and accuracy while measuring tires. The stagger gauge instantly measures your stagger. See the video on the homepage for a demonstration of the TIRESIZER® in action. Metric version will be available early 2011.

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