Superior Steering Wheels were created on a belief that what was currently on the market could be better than what it is. We have incorporated several safety aspects on our products that no other Steering Wheel out there has and is an industry first. In my 20 + years of racing off and on I've seen things in my own racing career as well as others that I wanted to change. It starts with my new line of steering wheels and we will continue to make them even better into the future. Our emphasis has been placed on safety for my brothers and sisters behind the wheel and making a product that is made from the best materials, and manufactured right here in the U.S.A., something I feel is extremely important. Drivers wants and needs are very different from one to the next, so we are striving to offer more options than any other company, to make YOUR Superior Steering Wheel custom fit to your requests. As a driver myself, my products are built with the driver and his or her well being in mind, and that is something that will not change. I thank every one of you who have purchased, or inquired about our products and look forward to servicing your needs as the 2017 season approaches. Thank You again to everyone! Superior Steering Wheels.....Designed and by Racers, Fabricated by Racers, Engineered for Racers!

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