Stange Oval-Kera Asphalt Modified Short Track Gun Drilled Axle

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Kera Axles are available in Short Track Gun-Drilled, NASCAR Style and Carbon Fiber. Sizes range from 1.125in. to 1.215in. width and 25in to 38in. in length. To be able to run up front you need the axles designed and manufactured by the team at Kera Axle.

• Promotes maximum traction by offering various diameter/length combinations and by producing simultaneous "Wrap-Up" of axles during acceleration and deceleration.

• Maximum durability is achieved through usage of same proprietary material used in the NASCAR style axles.

• Available for most dirt and asphalt applications.

• Provides a quicker and smoother acceleration rate.

• Ability to tune chassis with various axle diameters.

•   Gun drilled for lightweight characteristics.

• Shot peened after heat treatment.

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Strange Oval KERA Axles have been, and continue to be utilized by many of the top teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Truck series since 2008.

Ultra high strength low alloy steel offers outstanding yield and tensile strengths, fatigue properties, and high toughness Vertical rack heat treating controls distortion CNC hobbed splines tightly controls tolerances for even torque transfer and consistent misalignment angle of drive flanges

Generous transition fillet radii essential to reduction of stress risers Additional attention directed to non-aggressive machining to impart a minimum amount of residual tensile stress

Shot peening provides increased torsional and bending fatigue life with the application of residual compressive stress

Isotropic superfinishing reduces spline wear, lowers operating temperature, and minimizes micro stress risers

While left and right side axles are different lengths they are normally the same diameter; this inherently gives the right side axle a lower spring rate. This means the left side axle does not “wrap-up” as much as the right side and the car has a tendency to steer right on initial acceleration because the left rear tire sees the power first. By using a smaller diameter left hand axle with the “KERA concept” you can equalize this torque steer reaction both under acceleration or deceleration.

This Equal-Response-Reaction can be further used to specifically tune the chassis to turn left by reducing the left side axle diameter further from the standard KERA diameter split between the left and right side axles. In effect, the Kleban Equal Response Axles (KERA) can be used as a precise tuning device like that of tire stagger without having any effect on existing cross weight, spring rates, anti-roll bar, ride height or tire pressure. ALL 31 SPLINE. ALL GUN DRILLED.


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  Here's what you can expect from the Options listed:          
1 Forward Bite Using the smallest axle diameter allowable (based on HP) you will encourage both left & right axles to "wrap-up" at virtually the same rate. Maximizing axle wrap will make it more difficult for the tire to break traction on acceleration, whether it's on corner exit or on restarts. You don't have to worry about the axle breaking from twisting, the material & design is meant to twist all day without any damaging effect on the axle.                              Best Suited Track Type:   Slick & Flat                         
2 Most Throttle Turn        (a bit Loose On Exit) This option is our maximum recommended offset between the left & right side axle diameters to allow for "on throttle" turn like that of adding tire stagger. The greater the diameter split between the left & right axles, the more "loose" the effect is "on throttle". Forward bite is slightly reduced to a degree (from Option #1), but the axle diameters here still remain much thinner than standard axles sold which will allow for axle "wrap-up" and increased forward bite over any standard diameter axles.                                                                                                    Best Suited Track Type:   Flat Tight Turns (paper-clip layout)
3 Some Forward Bite & Throttle Turn Here we utilize axle diameters that will provide a bit of both Options #1 & #2 (Forward Bite & Throttle Turn), using smaller diameters overall with a slight split between left & right side axle diameters. This options best captures a bit of axle wrap (Forward Bite) with the thinner overall axle diameters & throttle turn (the tire stagger effect) that comes with different left-to-right axle diameters. It is our most commonly used axle combination.         Best Suited Track Type:   Slick & Banked or slightly banked
      Asphalt Modified
      Whelen Tour Type Crate Motor (2 Brl. SK)
  Typical HP 700 475
  Typical Rear-End QC  QC
  Typical Axle Lengths LR = 32" to 34" LR = 32" to 34"
    RR = 34.00" to 36.00" RR = 34.00" to 36.00"
      All Gun-Drilled Axles All Gun-Drilled Axles
1 Forward Bite L = 1.130"   L = 1.115" 
R = 1.165"   R = 1.145"
2     Most Throttle Turn    (a bit Loose On Exit) L = 1.115"  L = . 1.115"
R = 1.180" R = 1.165"
3 Some Forward Bite & Throttle Turn L = 1.130"   L = 1.130" 
R = 1.180" R = 1.165"
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  • Length (Inch) & Description
    AGY11152550-2" 25.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 25.50" Lgth., AGY11302550-2" 25.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 25.50" Lgth., AGY11452550-2" 25.50 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 25.50" Lgth., AGY11302600 26.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 26.00" Lgth., AGY11452600 26.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 26.00" Lgth., AGY11252625 26.25 GD Axle 1.125" Dia, 26.25" Lgth., AGY11302625 26.25 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 26.25" Lgth., AGY11152650 26.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 26.50" Lgth., AGY10002725 27.25 GD Axle 1.00" Dia, 27.25" Lgth., AGY11252725 27.25 GD Axle 1.125" Dia, 27.25" Lgth., AGY11302725 27.25 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 27.25" Lgth., AGY11452725 27.25 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 27.25" Lgth., AGY11152750 27.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 27.50" Lgth., AGY11302750 27.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 27.50" Lgth., AGY11452750 27.50 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 27.50" Lgth., AGY11302825 28.25 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 28.25" Lgth., AGY11152850 28.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 28.50" Lgth., AGY11152900 29.00 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 29.00" Lgth., AGY11302900 29.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 29.00" Lgth., AGY11452900 29.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 29.00" Lgth., AGY10902950 29.50 GD Axle 1.090" Dia, 29.50" Lgth., AGY11002950 29.50 GD Axle 1.100" Dia, 29.50" Lgth., AGY11152950 29.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 29.50" Lgth., AGY11303000 30.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 30.00" Lgth., AGY11453000 30.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 30.00" Lgth., AGY11153050 30.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11253050 30.50 GD Axle 1.125" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11303050 30.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11353050 30.50 GD Axle 1.135" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11453050 30.50 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11653050 30.50 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 30.50" Lgth., AGY11303100 31.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 31.00" Lgth., AGY11003150 31.50 GD Axle 1.100" Dia, 31.50" Lgth., AGY11153200 32.00 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 32.00" Lgth., AGY11453200 32.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 32.00" Lgth., AGY11303225 32.25 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 32.25" Lgth., AGY11153250 32.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 32.50" Lgth., AGY11253250 32.50 GD Axle 1.125" Dia, 32.50" Lgth., AGY11303200 32.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 32.50" Lgth., AGY11303250 32.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 32.50" Lgth., AGY11153300 33.00 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 33.00" Lgth., AGY11303300 33.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 33.00" Lgth., AGY11453300 33.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 33.00" Lgth., AGY11153350 33.50 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 33.50" Lgth., AGY11303350 33.50 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 33.50" Lgth., AGY11453350 33.50 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 33.50" Lgth., AGY11803350 33.50 GD Axle 1.180" Dia, 33.50" Lgth., AGY11003425 34.25 GD Axle 1.100" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11103425 34.25 GD Axle 1.110" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11153425 34.25 GD Axle 1.115" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11303425 34.25 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11453425 34.25 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11653425 34.25 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 34.25" Lgth., AGY11453500 35.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 35.00" Lgth., AGY11653550-2.50 35.50 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 35.50" Lgth., AGY11303600 36.00 GD Axle 1.130" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY11453600 36.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY11653600 36.00 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY11803600 36.00 GD Axle 1.180" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY12003600 36.00 GD Axle 1.200" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY12003600-1.25-B 36.00 GD Axle 1.200" Dia, 36.00" Lgth., AGY11453700 37.00 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 37.00" Lgth., AGY11803700 37.00 GD Axle 1.180" Dia, 37.00" Lgth., AGY12003700 37.00 GD Axle 1.200" Dia, 37.00" Lgth., AGY11453750 37.50 GD Axle 1.145" Dia, 37.50" Lgth., AGY11653750 37.50 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 37.50" Lgth., AGY11803750 37.50 GD Axle 1.180" Dia, 37.50" Lgth., AGY12003850 38.50 GD Axle 1.200" Dia, 38.50" Lgth., AGY11653950 39.50 GD Axle 1.165" Dia, 39.50" Lgth., AGY11803950 39.50 GD Axle 1.180" Dia, 39.50" Lgth.
    NOT WANTED, SOTAGY1080295031-Spline Axle29.5"1.080", SOTAGY1100295031-Spline Axle29.5"1.100", SOTAGY1100310031-Spline Axle31.0"1.100", SOTAGY1115310031-Spline Axle31.0"1.115", SOTAGY1100330031-Spline Axle33.0"1.100", SOTAGY1145365031-Spline Axle36.5"1.145", SOTAGY1220410031-Spline Axle41.0"1.220"

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