SpinTech Performance Mufflers

HOW SPINTECH ENTROPY MUFFLERS WORK SpinTech's patented technology is based on the second law of thermodynamics or entropy. The entropy of a system relates to organization of the system. Sound energy actually represents a form of organized energy in the sense that the molecules of air or gas vibrate together in a unified way. (On a microscopic level these gas molecules bounce off one another like billiard balls). Heat energy is also the vibration of molecules. Heat and sound energy are very much the same except for their organization, or entropy. Heat is a completely randomized molecular vibration, while a sound wave is an organized wave front of vibration. Flow routing is based on advanced fluid mechanics technology. Vortices are sustained inside of the muffler's spin sound traps. Vent holes are placed in an area where the case wall and the sound trap form a venturi. As gas flows over the vent holes, the reduced pressure extracts gas out of the trap. Incoming exhaust from the main exhaust flow stream refills the trap and maintains the vortex motion that promotes the conversion of sound to heat Think of it as a Saturn Rocket Inside Your Exhaust System Race Proven Performance In the early 1980's, mufflers on race cars were rare, but as the population encroached on local race venues, sound levels started being monitored. As sound level regulations became more stringent it was apparent performance was being compromised and the search for performance race mufflers began.

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