Spek Pro™ Racing Performance Gauges and Controllers

Spek™& Spek Pro™ are the second generation of gauges and controllers designed, engineered, programmed and built by ProParts, LLC at its Baltimore facility. Spek™ was introduced in 2006. Its unique features quickly became a must for MASCAR, performance, street and truck markets.

~ SEMA™ product awards in 2006 and 2007

~ 9 SEMA International™ Awards in 2006 and 2007

~ NASCAR™ acceptance in 2008

Now, Spek Pro™ Racing and Spek™ Street include a wide selection of performance gauges and controllers. They look alike but differ in software and the sensor used by the gauge. Both series are available in your choice of lens, bezel, and faceplates. This permits you to customize your gauge kits to meet precision and environmental requirements of your vehicle.

Make a full sweep over the competition with ProParts Spek-Pro gauges. NASCAR-accepted and NHRA-approved, these racing performance gauges offer innovative features to customize your race car for precision. All Spek-Pro gauges are electric and microprocessor-based and utilize a brushless stepper motor for accurate pointer movement. ProParts gauges program easily with water-resistant, stainless steel sealed command keys on the faceplate--no control box is needed! Hand-built and tested in the USA, Spek-Pro gauges provide a better view of critical data. Their wide-angle dial design, anti-glare lens, high-intensity LED technology, high-def warning display, and multicolor faceplate illumination deliver the largest, easiest-to-read viewing available. Plus, they offer the only pit-row warning lights, so you can keep your eyes on your driving--not on the tach! The pros are making their choice--shouldn't you? Cross the finish line with Spek-Pro gauges from ProParts--the people engineering performance.

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