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Motul® RBF 600 Brake Fluid, has a very high dry boiling point of 593F and a wet boiling point of 420F. RBF 600 Super Hi-Temp racing brake fluid was developed for high heat and the extreme pressure demands of professional racing. RBF 600 has a low viscosity blended with unmatched performance in the most extreme conditions for minimal hydroscopic effect and very low compressibility. Motul® RBF 600 will give solid pedal feel, great response, super high heat protection and maximum life. Nitrogen sealed bottle for long storage life. We sold this brand for over 20 years and feel that it is the best fluid available for Hi-Performance and  High Heat Racing Applications.
 Available by the 1/2 Liter bottle, in six-packs or economical 12 bottle cases.

Brake Fluid Application Guide and Tips :

Due to the extreme operating temperatures of a high performance brake system, standard 'off-the-shelf' brake fluids are not recommended. It is of critical importance in determining a fluids ability to handle high temperature applications is the Dry Boiling Point and compressibility. Brake Pedal Fade can be caused the brake fluid Boiling and turning into a Gas vapor and then returning to a solid state when it cools down causing moisture introduction and the continued dropping of the Wet boiling point. So we recommend you change your race car’s brake fluid on a weekly basis. The collected moisture will boil causing vapor lock and Brake system failure.

The Dry Boiling Point is the temperature at which a brake fluid will boil in its virgin non-contaminated state. The highest temperature Dry Boiling Point available in a DOT 3 fluid is 572 F

The Wet Boiling Point is the temperature a brake fluid will boil after it has been fully saturated with moisture. The DOT 3 requirement for wet boiling point is a minimum temperature of 284 F.

There are many ways for moisture to enter your brake system. Condensation from regular use, washing the vehicle and humidity are the most common. Glycol based DOT 3 & 4 & 5.1 fluids are hygroscopic; they absorb brake system moisture, and over time the boiling point is gradually reduced.  

We do not recommend using DOT 5-Silcon Fluid in any racing applications. DOT 5 fluid is not hygroscopic, so as moisture enters the system, it is not absorbed by the fluid, and results in beads of moisture moving through the brake line, collecting in the calipers . It is not uncommon to have caliper temperatures easily exceed 200 F, and at 212 F, this collected moisture will boil causing vapor lock and system failure. Additionally, DOT 5 fluid is highly compressible due to aeration and foaming under normal braking conditions, providing a spongy brake feel. DOT 5 fluid is best suited for show car applications where it’s anti-corrosion and paint friendly characteristics are important.

Whenever you add fresh fluid to your existing system ( never mix fluids of different DOT classifications), it immediately becomes contaminated, lowering the boiling point of the new fluid.
For maximum performance, start with the highest Dry Boiling Point available, flush the system completely, and flush it regularly, especially after severe temperatures have been experienced.
We recommend Motul 600RBF as an excellent fluid for all Hi-Performance applications.

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