Here at Hendren Racing Engines, we have seen many problems with some brands of dry sump oil tanks. Most commonly these problems occur in "square" oil tanks, and with some round tanks as well. The biggest issue that is facing owner's of these tanks is oil control,  and the fact that these tanks can not be run at the level mark where they need to run. In simpler terms, these tanks blow oil out like crazy!! While it's always good to keep a well lubricated race car, it's not too fun washing this oil off of and out of your race car. As a result of this and the fact that most people who use this style tank can not run them at the proper level, Mike Hendren is now building hand crafted dry sump oil tanks that solve all of the above mentioned issues. He has addressed each problem and solved them.

  Mike's oil tanks are all hand made by Mike. So each tank is crafted to perfection. Because of this fact, Mike is giving you the best "square/rectangle" oil tank on the market today. In other words, "these tank's will never blow oil out under normal racing conditions, they can be run at the proper oil level, and the craftsmanship is superior to other tanks of similar design".

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