CTS now offer’s Kera Traction Controlled Axles and Drive Flanges. Kera Axles are available in Short Track Gun-Drilled, NASCAR Style and Carbon Fiber. Sizes range from 1.125in. to 1.215in. width and 25in to 38in. in length. To be able to run up front you need the axles designed and manufactured by the team at Kera Axle.

• Promotes maximum traction by offering various diameter/length combinations and by producing simultaneous "Wrap-Up" of axles during acceleration and deceleration.

• Maximum durability is achieved through usage of same proprietary material used in the NASCAR style axles.

• Available for most dirt and asphalt applications.

• Provides a quicker and smoother acceleration rate.

• Ability to tune chassis with various axle diameters.

   Gun drilled for lightweight characteristics.

• Shot peened after heat treatment.

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