FAST-Fresh Air Systems Technology

Racing Helmets Air Filtering Systems

Since 1982, Fresh Air Systems has been a well know brand name in all venues of racing. We began our business by bringing filtered air to drivers' helmets to cool, clean, and fogging. F.A.S.T. was borne of an idea that drivers were breathing too much track dust from under the helmets, primarily in dirt racing. Asphalt drivers followed suit, learning that by adding an air intake filtering system they can breathe less track contaminants, and better quality air will benefit their performance on the track.

Driver Cooling Suit Systems

Years later, as the cool suit was introduced to the racing market, we found a new niche in motorsports. Endurance sports car racing and stock car driving became mainstays in our business. We found our business growing in leaps and bounds as cool suits became more popular. Drivers were finding that once they tried a Driving Cooling SuitF.A.S.T. cool suit system; no matter how old, young or fit they were, they never wanted to race without it again. Cool suits provide protection from heat exhaustion, promoting stamina, endurance and proficiency into every move the driver makes, allowing for less error on the track. As the racing market was filling, others discovered how cool suits might benefit different markets. We have been selling to hospitals, clinics, government agencies, amusement parks, mining units, Hollywood movie sets, farm tractors, forest rangers, firefighters, h.v.a.c., and foundries. If they haven't found us yet, they soon will.

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