Performance Brake Upgrade Packages, Got Brakes? We Do!
Egr Performance Brakes offers a full line of Performance Brake Kits for most all Cars, Pickups & SUV’s. Engineered and application specific depending driving style, gross vehicle weight rating and load. Available in complete kits or individual components. Now Celebrating our 20th Year of Performance and Service.
Rotors Gas-Slotted or Cross-Drilled vented OEM factory sized or larger rotors to provide more cooling surface area and provide pad out gassing. Featuring a symmetrical and directional vent pattern to provide cooler and longer lasting rotors. Virtually eliminating glazing, warpage and stress cracking. Providing better out gassing, initial bite and superior heat dissipation. Rotors Run up to 300 degrees Cooler!
  • Motul 5.1 ABS Brake Fluid. 
  • Big Rotor Upgrades. 
  • Big Caliper Upgrades, (2-8 Pistons). 
  • Kevlar Braided Stainless Steel Brake Hoses. 
  • Larger Wheel Cylinders and Master Cylinders. 
  • Speed Bleeders and Brake Fluid Catch Bags. 
  • Power Flush & RFI Gun Bleeding Systems.
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Items: 112 of 171