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Coleman Rack And Pinion With Servo and Dual Action Slave

Coleman Rack And Pinion With Servo and Dual Action Slave
Coleman Rack And Pinion With Servo and Dual Action Slave
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We took our square rack rack and pinion and added a power steering servo and dual action slave cylinder to make this the smoothest power rack available. The square rack shaft eliminates any rolling of the rack shaft which can cause severe bump steer changes. This unit also has a 20% wider tooth contact that makes it more durable and smoother operating. The compact design makes this unit easy to mount and comes complete with the servo to slave hoses and a needle bearing steering joint installed. 21450Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.185 Servo 21451Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.200 Servo 21452Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.210 Servo 21453Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.220 Servo 21454Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.235 Servo 21455Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.250 Servo 21456Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.265 Servo 21457Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.275 Servo 21458Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.290 Servo 21459Rack And Pinion-Power-18:1 (1 7/8")-.300 Servo 21460Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.185 Servo 21461Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.200 Servo 21462Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.210 Servo 21463Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.220 Servo 21464Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.235 Servo 21465Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.250 Servo 21466Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.265 Servo 21467Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.275 Servo 21468Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.290 Servo 21469Rack And Pinion-Power-16:1 (2")-.300 Servo 21470Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.185 Servo 21471Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.200 Servo 21472Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.210 Servo 21473Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.220 Servo 21474Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.235 Servo 21475Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.250 Servo 21476Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.265 Servo 21477Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.275 Servo 21478Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.290 Servo 21479Rack And Pinion-Power-12:1 (2.5")-.300 Servo 21480Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.185 Servo 21481Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.200 Servo 21482Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.210 Servo 21483Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.220 Servo 21485Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.250 Servo 21486Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.265 Servo 21487Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.275 Servo 21489Rack And Pinion-Power-8:1 (3")-.300 Servo

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