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Bilstein Southern Sport Mod Shock Package

Bilstein Southern Sport Mod Shock Package
Bilstein Southern Sport Mod Shock Package
28.00 lbs
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These stock mount style shocks are tuned for your Southern Sport Mod. They include seven shocks, instructions, and recommended set-ups.
Take the guess work out of your shocks. Bilstein has put together the ultimate Sport Mod Shock Package. This 7 shock kit includes shocks for every track condition with tips to help fine tune your racecar.
• Bilstein Sport Mod Shock Package
• Fits the popular metric chassis
• (4) Front shocks
• (3) Rear Shocks
• Stock Mount front and rear
• Shocks available individually
• Includes (7) shocks, instructions, and recommended set-ups
More precise set-ups
Weight transfer when you need it
Tires will stay on the track through the rough spots
Better control under braking
• Nitrogen Gas Charged
o Puts shock oil under pressure to totally prevent cavitation (foaming) and shock fade
• Dividing Piston w/ O-ring
o Separates gas and oil and is moveable to accommodate rod movement into the tube
o Bilstein shocks are NOT gas/oil emulsion shocks
• Monotube Body
o Inside wall has finished tolerances of an engine cylinder
o Outer surface is cadmium or nickel plated for durability
o Single tube design dissipates heat more effectively than twin-tube.
• Working Piston
o Consists of patented deflective disc valve stack for precise performance
o Bilstein discs are spring steel which outperform stainless steel and produce longer life
o Piston uses powder metal technology
• Oil Chamber
o Special oil is pressurized by the gas area onto the dividing piston to prevent cavitation (foaming) for consistent, fade-free performance
• Piston Rod
o Case-hardened and highly polished steel strong enough to lift 20 tons
• Rod Guide & Seals
o High pressure Viton inner rod guide seals ensure a perfect fit for consistent, fade-free damping and long life performance